Afternoon Tea

We were having family over during the half-term and decided to host an afternoon tea. It was a huge success! One of the guests who is a baker brought the chocolate cake and the meringue nests which were both amazing. He made the chocolate cake from hot chocolate drinking powder which I had never heard of before.

The top tier consists of Jamie Oliver’s chocolate pots which we served with strawberries and shortbread. We found these to be very rich and probably wouldn’t make them again, but they looked good!

Please see link below for this recipe:

The middle tier has chocolate chip scones made from cream. These were really tasty however due to the cream content we would recommend eating them fresh or one day old-max. We had the scones with jam and clotted cream. You can find this recipe in our ‘Desserts’ section.

The bottom tier had a selection of sandwiches both on brown and white bread. We made egg cress, ham, and tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches. These were sliced into fingers and triangles for aesthetics! 😀

Finally, we served with unlimited tea. You could have a herbal tea selection but we just went with what we call, ‘normal tea’-English breakfast tea.

This was really fun to do and delicious. We would definitely recommend it and also it will save you a fortune. Going out for afternoon tea could cost £20/€25 per head minimum and you are limited to a time. This probably cost €5/£5 per head max.

Please let us know if you give it a go, if we have inspired you by finding us on instagram @cookingincookley.

Enjoy! 🙂

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